Timber and earth moving transportation 1952-1970
Toikan Kuljetus is family run company. The company was established by Mr. Jorma Toikka in 1952. Back then Toikan Kuljetus focused on transporting timber products and in earth moving transportation. In the 1970’s Toikan Kuljetus started transporting gravel for building industry.

International transportation 1993->
The international transports to Russia started in 1993. Due to strong growth in Russian transportation, Toikka family established another trucking company in 1996. Toy Trans Oy concentrates mainly on international transportation.

Main focus today: container, trailer and bulk transportation
Currently Toikan Kuljetus is focusing mainly on container and trailer transportation in Finland. Toikan Kuljetus is also providing bulk container transportation.

Warehousing services 1990’s->
In the late 1990’s Toikka family expanded their business from transports also to warehousing. Toikka family established a new company (TK-Lastit Oy) in 2001. TK-Lastit Oy manages the warehousing and cargo handling business in Hamina and Kotka.

Family run company
Toikan Kuljetus was established by Mr. Jorma Toikka, whose son Mr. Reijo Toikka is currently managing the company together with his wife Mrs. Kyllikki Toikka. The warehousing operations are run by Reijo and Kyllikki’s sons Sami and Jussi Toikka.